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HCL SafeLinx 1.1 released added Support for HCL Nomad and Domino Entitlement

Detlev Poettgen  September 4 2020 01:48:33 PM
WOW! Yesterday HCL finally released the new version 1.1 of HCL Safelinx, which I have been waiting for for a long time.

Image:HCL SafeLinx 1.1 released added Support for HCL Nomad and Domino Entitlement

Among other new features, the new version offers support for HCL Nomad with and the nice gift that the client-less reverse proxy component of SafeLinx can be used FREE of charge as part of the Domino Entitlement for CCB customers.

For all Notes Domino Complete Collaboration Customers, SafeLinx v1.1 is now available as a free entitlement and will be listed under supporting programs. (SafeLinx is available as a standalone to non-Notes-Domino Complete Collaboration customers.) CCB customers can use SafeLinx’s server component without the need for an additional VPN client to securely access their Domino apps from mobile.

SafeLinx acts as a secure reverse proxy that works seamlessly out-of-the-box with Traveler, iNotes, Verse, Sametime, Connections, and now Nomad, too.

SafeLinx is used for central authentication, load balancing and failover.It is usually operated in the DMZ and tunnels HTTP traffic to the internal Traveler or Domino systems.

The special new feature of the Nomad integration is, that the Nomad app only establishes HTTPS connections with SafeLinx and the SafeLinx Traffic Handler performs the protocol conversion to the NRPC protocol on TCP port 1352.
So SafeLinx works as a secure preconfigured  Websocket Proxy for NRPC.
And yes, it will work perfectly together with idVault.
This finally enables the secure use of Nomad without the need for an existing VPN infrastructure and without having to use Domino Passthrough access.
SafeLinx will be an important part for the upcoming Nomad Web solution.

I will post more details about SafeLinx here in the near future and will also hold a 1 hour session next week at the #dnug47online Administration II event.

SafeLinx is not new by the way. In IBM's day there was IBM Mobile Connect (IMC), which we introduced and supported for many of our customers to access clustered iNotes or Traveler environments. I set up my first IMC environment in 2009 at a large customer, who still runs it successfully today. IBM unfortunately discontinued IMC four years ago and took it out of active sales.
HCL has now brought IMC back to life and expanded it, which makes me very happy, because IMC was a really great solution. Many of our customers love it and continue to run IMC despite IBM's discontinuation and are now looking forward to connecting SafeLinx to Nomad as well as Traveler.  

And a special thank to the SafeLinx Team at HCL - You guys are rock stars!

Details about the SafeLinx release can be found here: