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Known issues with using Lotus Notes Traveler on iOS 6 devices

 25 Oktober 2012 08:45:49

Note the following issues described below related to running IBM Lotus Notes Traveler on Apple iOS 6 devices. This list is subject to change as additional information becomes available and as OS updates are released.

Issue #1 - Meetings for which the user is the chair appear on their iOS 6 device in a light grey color regardless of settings. This issue can occur if the logon name used to create the device sync profile contains a space. (Apple bug report #12431367 has been opened for this issue.)

        •        Workaround: Remove the Notes Traveler profile from the device and then create a new one using a logon name that does not contain any spaces.

Issue #2 - When you make an update to or rescheduling a "This and all future instances" entry of a repeating meeting, duplicate entries will be created in the Notes client after a device sync.

        •        Workaround: A bug report is being opened with Apple to request permanent resolution. As a temporary workaround for this issue, you can open a service request and request test fix LO71969.

Via IBM Technote: Known issues with using Lotus Notes Traveler on iOS 6 devices
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