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Detlev Poettgen


Issue with Traveler regarding invitations

 23 September 2016 13:27:17

One of my customer ran into this issue with 
When you tentative accept a meeting on your mobile device and accept it completely afterwards that change is not updated on the senders invitation. 
The tentative accept remains as the status. 

We have two PMRs and there is a APAR -> LO9030. 

If you did not update your Traveler Servers yet I would stay on which is the first iOS 10 supported release and wait for the fix. 

via Daniel Nashed:


1Julie Peck  23.09.2016 13:56:35  Issue with Traveler regarding invitations

We've come across the same problem and also have a PMR open.

It also happens if you've accepted an invitation and then subsequently decline it. In this case, the meeting also stays in your calendar if you look at it in the Notes client.