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Detlev Poettgen


IBM Verse for iOS app - Available in AppStore

 29 April 2015 23:42:38
IBM Verse for Apple devices is available on the iTunes app store.

Image:IBM Verse for iOS app - Available in AppStore

You can download it and start using it to:

       •        See mail from people important to you
       •        Set people you interact with often as Important
       •        Manage items that need follow up
       •        Track who owes you a response and when
       •        Work with your calendar seamlessly
       •        Interact with all of your contacts

The App can be used to access IBM SmartCloud ConnectionsCloud or Traveler On-Premise environments.

Requirement: Your Traveler Server must be running the latest Traveler Release ( or better

IBM Verse for Apple devices is an IBM created mobile app for iOS, and is available on the Apple app store. However, you can continue to use IBM Traveler with the built-in Apple provided mail, calendar, and contacts apps on your iOS device, along with the IBM Traveler To Do and Companion apps.

You wanted a container app for mail, contacts and calendar - now you got a container app from IBM!

IBM published an FAQ as part of the Traveler Documentation:!/SSYRPW_9.0.1/iOSVerseIntro.html


1Harald Gaerttner  04.05.2015 09:01:08  IBM Verse for iOS app - Available in AppStore

Still not working even with


login name either shortname or eMail


tried all other options (with https:// added in front and/or /traveler added at the end).

Still says "Account setup incomplete" (TImeout)

Domlog only gives one line

GET /traveler?action=getStatus&deviceId=IBM_IOS_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX HTTP/1.1

so at least we pass the MobileConnect and reach the traveler server.

2Detlev Poettgen  04.05.2015 10:15:47  IBM Verse for iOS app - Available in AppStore

Die Verse App sollte nach meinen Erfahrungen mit Traveler funktionieren.

Ich melde mich Laufe des Tages einmal direkt telefonisch...

3Detlev Poettgen  06.05.2015 11:30:11  IBM Verse for iOS app - Available in AppStore

Es sollten folgende Punkte geprüft werden:

- Die IBM Verse App erfordert ein offizielles SSL-Serverzertifikat. Selfsigned Zertifikate ohne auf dem Endgerät bereitgestelltem Trusted Root Zertifikat funktionieren nicht.

- Ist der IBM Verse User Agent erlaubt. Hierzu bitte einmal NTS_USER_AGENT_ALLOWED_REGEX bzw. NTS_USER_AGENT_ALLOWED_ ...