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Detlev Poettgen


IBM Verse for Android app available

 30 Mai 2015 12:18:11
IBM Verse for Android available via Google Play Store.

Image:IBM Verse for Android app available

The Verse app is a replacement/upgrade of  the Traveler app that will be dismissed! The new app will only be available via Play Store at the moment.

IBM Verse Client for Android only supports Android 4.x and later OS levels. The IBM Traveler client for Android is still available for use for older OS levels. The IBM Traveler client for Android can be obtained from the Traveler Home Page.

This app is compatible with IBM Traveler server version and later fixpacks, as well as 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1, 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 2, and 9.x.

This are some of the feature that IBM Verse provide on Android:

- See mail from people important to you
- Set people you interact with often as Important
- Mark mail as Needs Action
- Manage items that need follow up
- Track who owes you a response and when
- Work with your calendar seamlessly
- Interact with all of your contacts

Update 02.06.2015:

What's New?

New download link on Traveler home page to download the IBM Verse client for Android from the Google Play store.

Note the following:

IBM Verse client for Android users do not need to connect to a server. IBM Verse for Android client supports Traveler server versions 8.5.3.x and later. Some features will be available only if running the latest Traveler server.

IBM Verse client for Android will be available only via the Google Play store and select MDM providers. The IBM Traveler client will remain available from the Traveler server to support Android devices running 2.x or 3.x OS.



1patrick kwinten  31.05.2015 19:50:37  IBM Verse for Android app available

Should it work with the free ibmverse account?

2Detlev Poettgen  31.05.2015 20:22:00  IBM Verse for Android app available

No, IBM Verse Basic does not include Traveler at the moment.

3Lars Pflanz  01.06.2015 14:26:59  IBM Verse for Android app available

Hallo Detlev,

wie und wo kann ich wichtige Kontakte festlegen, damit diese Personen in der Verse Übersicht erscheinen?

MfG Lars

4Yuri Gulbis  04.06.2015 18:46:41  IBM Verse for Android app available


Recently we had some users in our company that migrated to IBM Verse in their phones, all is working well with our traveler server but we noticed that in the account preferences the user can´t change the server name, the option is grayed.

There is a way to change the server?, or this is by design?

Thanks in advance,

5Detlev Poettgen  04.06.2015 20:20:59  IBM Verse for Android app available

As far as I know, it is working like designed.

You will have to reconfigure the App to change the server name.

6Volker  08.06.2015 12:27:56  IBM Verse for Android app available

Hi Detlev,

do you know why the profile pictures are not displayed in the verse app when using it with a traveler server? Which fields do I need to use or how can I check that?

Mfg Volker

7Detlev Poettgen  08.06.2015 14:57:56  IBM Verse for Android app available

It should be displayed the image attachement of the RichText field Photo in the Person document.