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Hell freezes over - Hide Apple System Apps like Watch - Stocks - ...

 14 Januar 2016 20:48:43
Apple released a new beta of the Apple Configurator v2.2 and iOS 9.3.
The Beta includes a new restriction, that will allow you to hide Apple system apps like Watch, Stocks, Tips, News, Passbook ....

Image:Hell freezes over - Hide Apple System Apps like Watch - Stocks - ...

To be able to use the new restriction the device must be Supervised!

Create a configuration profile in Apple Configurator 2.2 Beta with a restrictions payload set to “Do not allow some apps” under “Restrict App Usage” in the Apps section of the Restrictions. Add the necessary bundle IDs like,, then plug in your device and apply the profile. The icons will simply disappear from the home screen…

Here are some of the Bundle IDs for iOS’ default apps: – Stocks – Tips – Videos – Native Email Client – Notes – Reminders – Calculator – Maps – Music – Wallet – Health – Phone – iTunes Store – Messages – Voice Memos – Weather – Podcasts – Game Center – Watch – Find Friends – iBooks – Find iPhone – Clock – Photos – Settings – Camera – FaceTime – Contacts – News


At the moment it is Beta, but I hope Apple will ship and add it to the MDM restrictions, too.

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